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Long Term Care protects your assets from becoming depleted if a serious illness means you require assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) or you require assistance due to a cognitive impairment.


Who Should Consider Long Term Care Insurance?
  • Who want to preserve retirement assets

  • Who're concerned about having enough retirement funds for personal care

  • Who want options regarding the quality of care

  • Who donít want to rely on government programs for care

  • Who donít want to burden family members with care giving duties

Features and Advantages
  • Insured individuals may receive Long-Term Care Insurance benefits during their lifetime
  • The monthly income benefit may be used at your discretion without having to provide receipts for the care received
  • LTC coverage helps you stay in control of your life by giving you the opportunity to:
    • Receive the health care you deserve

    • Remain in the comfort of your home for the longest time possible or to select a care facility that is the most appropriate (public or private)
    • Replace the lost income of a natural caregiver providing homecare
    • Preserve the inheritance you wish to leave to your children
    • Protect your assets and your estate from early depletion due to high healthcare expenses
    • Maintain your standard of living and that of your spouse
    • Select the care facility that corresponds to your needs
    • Etc.

  • In addition you can receive assistance from health specialists who will guide you to find help, at no additional cost


Some Useful Resources:


What long-term care insurance does do is cover services associated with daily activities of living to help you keep your independence and stay in control of your care.






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