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An annuity is like a life insurance policy in reverse. The purchaser gives the life insurance company a lump sum of money and the life insurance company pays the purchaser a regular income, usually monthly


A single premium immediate annuity is secure, periodic income that you receive for a specific period or for your lifetime. Highly volatile stock markets and low short-term interest rates make it a sound choice. Since it is important to guarantee the payment of your fixed expenditures throughout your lifetime, a single premium immediate annuity is the ideal type of investment to help you reach this goal without risk.


Who Should Consider a Single Premium Immediate Annuity?

  • Persons wishing to convert a portion of their savings to a guaranteed fixed income.

Features and Advantages

  • At a time when life expectancy continues to grow, it is essential to ensure that your retirement funds are not exhausted during your lifetime. An immediate annuity is the ideal way to prevent this from happening.

In addition:

  • Single premium immediate annuities are available from life insurance companies only.

  • There are several types of immediate annuities, adapted to your needs.

  • Your periodic income is guaranteed.

  • You receive an income for a specific period or for your lifetime.

  • You avoid passing on certain legal fees to your heirs by designating a beneficiary of your annuity contract (probate, fees, for example).

Products Available

  • the life annuity, which provides you with an income for as long as you live. The life annuity includes several options:

  • an annuity established on your person only or a joint and last survivor annuity;

  • an annuity with guaranteed repayment of the capital, with guaranteed payment of the capital and a floor cash refund or a guaranteed minimum number of payments;

  • a level income annuity (the amounts paid remain identical for the term of the contract) or an indexed income annuity (the amounts paid increase periodically according to a fixed percentage);

  • the annuity certain, which provides you with an income up to the end of the guaranteed period.


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