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Life is full of unforeseen events. Most are pleasant, but no one is protected from events that may have devastating consequences on quality of life (death, divorce, illness, etc.). In addition to having to overcome your grief and other emotional problems, you have to carry the financial burden occasioned by such events.

  • Life insurance is essential to all good planning-whether it be to protect your family against a sudden loss of income, insure a key company employee or plan your estate.

  • With mortgage insurance, you obtain financial protection that insures your mortgage payments in the event of disability or fully pays off your mortgage balance in the case of a premature death or critical illness.

  • Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment after a critical illness is diagnosed.

  • Disability income insurance provides you with a source of income that replaces your salary during a period of disability resulting from an accident or illness.

  • Requiring no medical examination or blood test, this type of insurance is intended for persons who for medical reasons have difficulty obtaining insurance.

  • With accidental insurance your entire family - children and adults - receives 24-hour-a-day coverage worldwide.

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